The Unfair Marketing Advantage All Health Professionals Have

This is for healthcare professionals starting their marketing journey or failing to implement effective marketing to gain new patients because it seems to ‘hard’ or ‘complicated. The truth is that you have it much easier than most industries because you already have the benefit of perception. So, please, for the sake of your business growth, just start. And do it right.

If you’re an allied health professional, a specialist or a doctor, then you’re sitting on a very significant advantage. An advantage which means that you have significantly fewer obstacles, barriers and objections compared with almost every other industry. You hold the perception of trust, genuinity, and care - and this perception changes what will be the most effective marketing approach for you.

So I found myself at an “Intelligent Millionaires Network” meeting…

Completely unintentionally, of course. At some stage over the past month, I learnt about a talk that Craig Carr was giving a talk in Brisbane, and was quick to check out his credentials. For those of you who have never heard of Craig, he’s the founder of the Freedom Sales Academy and he’s not about any fluff, but the cold, hard neuroscience facts. This sits well with me, as opposed to those whose strategy appears to simply be overusing buzzwords that never add any real value. Craig has literally gone from 0 to many, (hundreds of?) millions (if not more, I don’t like to presume) using effective sales strategies he's learnt over the years.

Anyway, in our first exercise, they had us list the words that came to our mind when we thought of a typical car salesman, and then a doctor. The results below (which came from our actual group discussion and not me personally) came as no surprise.


While you and I can both agree that this is just a perception and bears no reference to certain individuals, the truth is that our perceptions do become our reality in the way they set us up to encounter specific people in specific industries.

You come to a GP ready to listen, take on their advice, and follow the instructions they set out instantly. You come to a car salesman with hesitation, trying to decipher whether you could potentially trust him or whether what he’s saying doesn’t quite match up with what you’re seeing and he’s just giving you the heebie-jeebies.

When you’re in sales, you’ve got to build that trust. It’s actually a massive component of sales training. And you’ve already got it in spades because you’re board-registered and patient-focused. So how are you using it?

This information is nothing new, but…

While this information is nothing revolutionary, it did get me strategically thinking about how this affects the marketing strategies that I implement for my clients across New Zealand and Australia. Specifically, about how we don’t need to position ourselves as an authority in the same way that others do, or to get customers trusting that we’re the right person for the job, because that perception is already present*.

*Completely acknowledge that some health professions have it tougher than others!

Instead, we focus on this perception and emphasise it. We help clients learn about the other things we do, knowing that thousands of clients already trust us with their health. We share information and add value. We showcase our expertise and implement effective CTA’s that get bookings much more easily than someone in traditional sales (if you’re doing it right, of course).

So for the million dollar question - why do many clinics shy away from promoting themselves and their services through effective web copy, blogs, articles, advertorials, case studies, videos, infographics and so many other content forms that are proven to improve booking rates and conversions?

… You tell me. Fear of making a mistake and doing it wrong? Maybe. Fear of wasting time or money on it for it not to succeed? Likely. Not having time to do it properly? Highly likely. All 3? Definitely for some. But don’t forget that you already have a significant advantage and that content grows business - and great content helps you thrive.

So sit down, put that pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard), and start writing content for one thing on your 2019 marketing plan, keeping in mind that you are already perceived as trustworthy. If you haven’t already created your marketing plan, then please start there. You know what they say…

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

And if you need help with content and marketing...

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