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We write masterful medical content for clinics, health professionals & organisations.

November 2022  recap


page views generated from our clients articles alone.

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We have a 100% client satisfaction rate.

100% of our clients report loving the final version of their content.

100% of our clients have saved 3-80+ hours trying to write content themselves, while feeling unsatisfied with the final result.

Welcome to the home of exceptional health content.

You're a clinic owner, health professional or health organisation that is dedicated to helping others. You have a lot to offer patients and clients. When it comes to your marketing and content, you have a list of things to do - but aren’t sure of the best words & strategies to use, don't have the time to learn, and know you’ll waste countless hours staring at a screen if you try.

This is exactly why hundreds of clinics and organisations across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Canada & Hong Kong have loved having us deliver the best content for them.

We combine technical accuracy in medicine and healthcare with marketing psychology that truly speaks and connects to real people. The result is seamless content that builds trust, authority and a fantastic impression before they've stepped through your doors or purchased your products or services. 


We make health and medical content easy so you can relax and feel confident about your marketing, while carefully crafted, on-brand content hits your inbox every month.

Health Content & Copywriting Services

Podiatrist Physio Content Writer

Working with Nina was an awesome experience. Always positive and valuable, she added tremendous value to me, saving me time and creating content I never would have been capable of on my own.

Adam Philps 
Director, Cold Laser
Nail Clinic, NZ

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You've done magic work again... You are a GOD SEND. This all looks and sounds a million times better...and you are an absolute goldmine of help and information. Thank you so much!

Emily Barnwell
Brand & Campaigns Manager, Healthia AU

Home Sevices

My clinic or business needs:

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New website

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Health and medical articles written

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Patient and referrer information

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To learn about clinic content & marketing

Why choose Word Prescription for your content?

Simply put, we're one of a kind - and we're very proud of that. Aside from receiving unique, carefully crafted, well-researched and SEO-friendly content: 

We say a hard no to overused, tacky sales tactics that make you sound just like everyone else online, or dampen your reputation

You can finally feel confident knowing your content is reliably delivered on time, every time - whether we create recurring monthly content to effectively implement your marketing plan or complete a one-off project like a new website

Your patients want connection, not robots. Your content is exclusively written to match your brand voice by writers with additional health, medical or science degrees - combining technical medicine with genuine, human-centred words that resonate

We’re not transactional. We have genuine, long-lasting relationships with our clients and go above and beyond to add value to their clinics and businesses, month after month. For one-off projects, we’re here for you long after your project has finished.  

Have a medical website, but are missing the condition pages
that your patients (and your SEO) needs?

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Don't just take our word for it...

We’ve worked with 200+ thriving health professionals, clinics and organisations - and we're absolutely honoured to be chosen by you every day.

Ugh, not another "trend"...

Keeping up with what's "trending" as a busy clinic owner or when you already have an endless to-do list is *exhausting*.

While the principles of excellent medical and health content stay consistent, we like to help our clients by sending a monthly email breaking down what you should know about marketing, social and content updates in simple terms, as well as practical things you can action immediately.

Medical Copywriter Australia

Hi - I'm Nina, your chief medical copywriter.

I take words and make them stand out, connect and have meaning for the person that you need to reach. I am really good at what I do.

I lead our writing and content team, and have designed our processes to make our clients lives as easy, simple and hands-off as possible.


I'm a former clinical practitioner and so whole-heartedly *get* how overwhelming content can be. 

Work With Us

We like to keep things as easy as possible for you when you work with us. If you'd like help with your content, to talk about our services, or you have a question - simply click here and say hello. Tell us your thoughts, and one of our team will get back to you.

We work exclusively with a select client base to ensure we give our clients the time, attention and care they deserve. As such, we may have a waitlist for our services. We truly appreciate your patience.

Work With Us
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