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Digital & Print Conditions Packages For Your Clinic

Whether you're first setting up your clinic or updating your information and resources to reflect current evidence-based practice, having well-written, concise and easy-to-understand condition sheets for both print and display on your website is a crucial element for any clinic. 

After eight years of 'starting from scratch' for conditions for clinics worldwide, we've now developed and launched cost-effective conditions packages that include content for the most common conditions seen and treated in your clinic. 

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Each condition includes:

Condition overview (giving patients the 'aha - that's me!' moment)

Causes and risk factors
Signs and symptoms

You can add:

Custom treatment sections reflecting your clinic's unique approach with backlinks to your clinic's specific pages (online version), written for you by our talented medical content writers.

We are currently offering conditions packages for:







Buy a conditions package

Start by sending us an email and specify your industry. If the industry you're in isn't listed, send us a message. We have numerous industry conditions currently in progress.

We'll send you our pricing guide paired with a full conditions list for you to choose from.

Pricing is dependent on the number of conditions you'd like, whether you'd like the digital-only version or print too, and whether you'd like to customise your conditions with your clinic's unique approach to treatment, written by our team.

Conditions package

Prices for our conditions packages start at $499 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with getting the conditions on my website?

Absolutely. We have a web developer on our team who can upload these for you on you website backend. We can include this on your quote if requested.

What level of customisation is included?

For the print conditions, your package includes updating with your brand colours, logos and clinic details in the footer. We also offer custom-written sections as part of your conditions, particularly around management  as every clinic has a variable approach and process. For any questions about this process, just email us and let us know.

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