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Engaging, clever health content that sounds like you.

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Writing about your business, your services or yourself is hard. You know what you want to say, and what you want it to sound like, but when the words hit the paper… it’s often not what you envisioned. It doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s not an accurate reflection of you, your services, your clinic or organisation. And what’s more damaging is that it’s not what your target market (or search engines) need to hear to take that next step with you.


This is one of our key strengths: we understand exactly what you want to say, and then present it in a way that your clients or patients want to read. And we absolutely nail it.


Every piece of content we create includes deep diving into the mind of your reader to understand their objections to booking in with you or uptaking your services. We also take the time and care to get to know you, what you stand for, and your vision for your content, enabling us to create something that sounds uniquely like you - not just “another” website that is easily looked past or forgotten.

Auckland And Brisbane Copywriting Experts


Our team uses best-practice writing principles paired with marketing psychology to create exceptional content. Every writer on our team also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Health Science or Medicine. Many of us have been in your shoes in clinical practice. We’re the only content writing agency across Australia, New Zealand and the UK that can claim this at present.


The result is engaging and medically accurate content that speaks to your target audience - whether that’s patients or other health professionals. And because we don’t have to spend hours researching medical terminology or starting from the ground up with medical principles, we save you time and money.

One of out talented copywriters, Rebecca

Nina Gorrell, Medical and Health Writer

Led by senior content writer and former practising health professional, Nina Gorrell, the content created by Word Prescription wins the hearts and minds of hundreds and thousands of readers every month. And after completing over two thousand content projects and refining our services, we’re no longer taking the backseat with humble words: we’re excellent. 

We absolutely love working with passionate, fresh-thinking health professionals and medical organisations, and being able to perfectly convey their message across a variety of platforms.

Medical Copywriter Australia

... if there’s one thing we want you to know? 

Your words give your customers their first impression of your business or clinic, what you stand for, and the experience they'll have with you - whether you like it or not. And they’ll keep making that impression over and over again, day after day. Take the time to get those words right so you can make that impression a great one.

Your values matter. Here are ours.

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No Limitations

A problem is just an opportunity to find an effective and innovative solution. Constantly learning, improving and striving for success is key. Executing work to consistently high standards that go above and beyond is our baseline. 

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Whole-hearted integrity. Solid foundations built on respect, trust, loyalty & dependability. Listening to understand. Honing a supportive environment to share ideas, communicate well and dream big. Sharing humour, laughter and fun. Celebrating wins and exceeding expectations. People first.

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Do Good, Be Great

Paying it forward to friends and strangers alike. Proactively doing the right thing, uncompromisingly, for the success and well-being of people and the earth. Supporting, empowering and inspiring passion in others. Taking the time to recognise the value in others around us. Being remarkable.

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