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Health Content Workshops

Launched August 2022: Our #1 requested product for health professionals, clinic and health business owners, and their staff who want to finally feel confident and in control with their content and marketing, gain clarity around how to use content effectively, and have a solid plan for their next chapter.

Wait, marketing wasn’t part of your health or medical degree?
You work in healthcare - not in copywriting, marketing, communications, sales or even AI. Yet, clinics and health professionals are expected to 'just know' how to use best-practice marketing principles and write flawless content like it was a skill that was immediately instilled in them the moment they got their health degree. That, or have the funds available from day zero to pay a marketing agency tens of thousands of dollars to set it up - without gaining any more insight or wisdom into the topic themselves. Sound familiar?

We break it down for you and set you up for success - no agency needed.
We get it. Which is why we offer exclusive workshops for you or your team to fill in the blanks, break down the complicated marketing talk into simple actionable steps, and leave you feeling confident and in control of your content moving forwards, so you can do it yourself (if you want to) and be able to manage future updates and plan changes yourself.

Are your content workshops right for me?

You spoke, we listened. Our current three signature workshops have been developed based entirely on client needs and feedback, paired with the countless conversations we’ve had with health professionals that desperately need these services but having custom work is completely out of the budget at present. Often, they’re also very excited to learn about the marketing world and how they can help their clinics thrive. Our workshops may be right for you if you’ve found yourself thinking:


“I'm pretty sure my website content isn't up to scratch, but I don't know exactly what's missing, where to start, what my priorities should be, and how I should go about doing it myself.” 

Two hours
Completed plan for your website content update
Learn what each page should include
Learn how to write so your target audience will listen

429.00 AUD

The Website Content Workshop


“I want my team and I to be more active on social media and make the most of it, but I don't know what type of content we should be creating or what schedule to follow - I want to know what's working now and to have a plan I'm confident in.”

Two hours
Learn which qualities create engaging social media content
Gain three months worth of quality social media content ideas

and topics to implement
Stop fearing the “algorithm” by understanding why it changes

349.00 AUD

The Social Media Workshop


“I want my team to produce regular articles and blogs for my website because I've heard they can be very valuable, especially for 'SEO'. But what does this mean, what topics should we be writing on, and how can we make our content SEO-friendly?”

One hour
Learn how to find out which articles you should be writing
Learn how to structure your articles or blogs
Learn the lifelong basics of SEO for medical article and blog writing
Intro to backend (non-content) SEO features

199.00 AUD

The Article & Blog Writing Workshop

The Feet People Brisbane.jpg

We all loved the social media workshop, we are super motivated to get things moving. Thanks again! 🙏

Lawrence Taufahema
Director & Podiatrist
The Feet People, Australia

Booking a content workshop

Working with us starts with jumping on a complimentary 15-minute Zoom call so we can get to know one another, discuss what you're looking to get out of your workshop so we can tailor your experience, and ensure the workshop is the right fit for you and your team. Across all our work, if we don't feel we're the best team to produce exceptional, results-driven content or learning experiences for you, we'll let you know promptly. We'll then book in a time for your workshop and just like that, you're an important step closer to your business-thriving content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times do the workshops run?

Your workshop is for you and your team alone. We book in a time that works for your team during business hours. After hours and weekend workshops can be made available but do incur an additional fee.

Can you create a custom workshop for our team?

Book in a chat and we'll discuss it! We'll always try to help where we can, as long as all your needs fall into our realm of expertise.

How many team members can attend a workshop?

We cap numbers at 10, but have a chat to us if you've got slightly more attendees. For larger groups, we will provide a custom quote for your workshop.

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