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Four Items To Start Your DIY Video Marketing Today

Whether you've found us through the website or through our video marketing statistics (2019) video - welcome!

You're here because you know that video marketing is significantly more powerful for getting views, engagement, attention and of course, new leads and patients, buuuut you don't know where to begin and videos haven't quite "proven themselves" (yet) to justify in investing in involving a professional team.

Don't worry - we've got you covered. Here you'll learn the first four items you need to get your first 'edited' video out to the world without spending thousands of dollars or making embarrassing blunders during 'live streaming' videos. Better yet - you may already have them sitting at home.

(Pssst: We've just added video marketing to our list of services in New Zealand and Australia. Contact us here to chat about how we can take the stress, hassle and thought out of your video marketing and make it easy-peasy for your business)

record marketing video with iPhone

1. The Camera

Currently, Facebook video must be 720p resolution as a minimum. This has been a common feature of smart phones for the last few years so you likely already have this in your back pocket. If you're up-to-date with the latest smartphones, you'll likely find it can record in ultra high definition, too. Don't stress too much about the maximum resolution - as most videos these days are consumed on small mobile devices, it's incredibly difficult to tell the difference between 720p high definition shot on a regular iPhone and the professional quality ultra high definition 4K devices. Not for your first video anyway!

The minimum video specifications of various social media platforms change periodically as technology improves so it always pays to do a quick check before you start shooting.

All our videos from this day were recorded using an iPhone7 at 720p.

2. The Tripod

A tripod will make your life a lot easier - trust me! Having a tripod means you can easily set up a shot the way you want it, and it'll stay that way until you change it - no matter how many re-takes you need to do. Small tripods for smartphones are available for less than $20 on ebay, so avoid paying hundreds of dollars just yet (and the hassle of DIY setups that fail) by ordering one.

A tripod will make your life a lot easier - trust me! Having a tripod means you can easily set up a shot the way you want it and then you know it will stay perfect until you change it. You could use blue tack and some of your old textbooks, but small tripods for smartphones are available for less than $20 so it's the smart choice.

3. The Microphone

Did we have a microphone available here? Yep! Did we use it? Actually - no. Not for this video, anyway. When filming in this office, we tested the sound quality both with and without a microphone (that plugged into the iPhone) and found no real difference, hence we didn't actually use it.

But overall, it can make the sound quality on your videos significantly better. You can get a range of microphone accessories that will connect to your camera or just use the internal camera microphone. The internal microphone may be fine in many situations, but consider getting the external microphone if:

- The camera is not going to be close and directly in front of you

- You are shooting outside

- There is a lot of background noise that you will need to remove in post-production

All our videos on this day were recorded using the internal iPhone microphone.

4. The Light

Having a light gives you the control to produce consistent lighting conditions, regardless of the location or time of day. It illuminates the subject of the video and ensures there are no shadows ruining the shot. While some may choose not to use one, it's an absolute must in our books!

Now that you have the setup, you're ready to start creating great video content for your patients. Don't forget that the things you say is key to connecting and engaging with your audience - so plan this out carefully. If you're in Australia and are registered with AHPRA, you'll want to make sure that your content complies with the AHPRA advertising guidelines and the National Law. You can read more about this and grab out FREE PDF checklist to check your compliance here.

Need help knowing what to say in your video? Book in a time to chat to our team here.